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August 29, 2016
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Garrett Debate Choice Reveals His Stance on Women’s Rights

HACKENSACK – Today, Bergen County Freeholder Tracy Silna Zur sharply criticized Congressman Scott Garrett for choosing to forgo a debate held by the League of Women Voters. Garrett’s decision, according to Zur, is an insult to women across the Fifth District who deserve to hear both candidates debate in a neutral setting.

“I’m extremely disappointed that Scott Garrett would turn down an invitation from one of the most respected, neutral women’s groups in the country – the League of Women Voters,” Zur said, “Garrett had a chance to show that he was willing address issues that matter to women in New Jersey – and his choice shows us where he stands.”

Zur continued, “Garrett was one of only nine men who voted against letting the House take up the Violence Against Women Act. If there was any doubt about his views on women before, there can’t be any now.”

The League of Women Voters has scheduled their debate for the evening of October 27. On Wednesday, however, Garrett announced that he would be attending a competing debate organized by Teaneck rabbi, Steven Pruzansky, even though the League had sent Garrett an invitation first.

As just one of nine men in Congress to oppose reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, Garrett rejected expanding critical protections for victims of domestic violence. Garrett’s record also includes half a dozen votes against “equal pay for equal work.” He voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. And he voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act five times, which would’ve strengthened laws against paying women less than men for the same work.
Garrett has consistently voted against a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest. And he’s sought to deny deny thousands of women access to health services including live-saving cancer screenings and mammograms. Zur continued, “It’s ridiculous that Garrett is only limiting himself to two debates. I debated eight times during my election in 2012. It’s important to give the public every chance to hear what you stand for.”

During his seven terms in Congress, Scott Garrett has a long record of voting against the interests of women, including:

● Voted AGAINST Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which allowed employees to sue employers for wage discrimination. [S 181, Vote #37, 1/27/09]
● Voted 5 TIMES AGAINST the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would guarantee women in New Jersey equal pay. [H. Res. 200, Vote #154, 4/15/15; H Res 544, Vote #169, 4/08/14; H Res 544, Vote #169, 4/08/14; H Res 146, Vote #97, 4/11/13; H Res 198, Vote #132, 5/07/13]
● Voted AGAINST the 2013 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. [S 47, Vote #55, 2/28/13]
● Voted AGAINST the 2011 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which provides funding for law enforcement training programs and services to victims. [S. 47, Vote #55, 2/28/13]
● Voted AGAINST including Native, Immigrant, and Lesbian women in the Violence Against Women Act. [H.R. 4970, Vote #258, 5/16/12]
● Voted AGAINST increasing funds in order to overcome domestic violence. [HR 4660, Vote #268, 5/30/14]
● Voted FOR the ban on abortion after 20-weeks, which violates the right to choose and punishes women who may be unaware of potential complications in their pregnancy. [HR 1797, Vote #251, 6/18/13]
● Voted AGAINST requiring insurance companies to cover women’s annual mammograms. [A2133, 6/24/99].
● Voted AGAINST an amendment that would have protected the medical privacy of women, specifically victims of rape and incest, when it came to their choice of insurance [HR7, 1/16]
● Voted AGAINST a bill that would have provided compassionate support to rape victims, including fresh clothing. [AB2519, 12/96]
● Voted AGAINST allowing mothers to breastfeed in public [S1212, 5/08/97]
● Voted AGAINST providing financial assistance to potential female entrepreneurs through a micro-business credit program. [S510, 3/08/01]
● Voted AGAINST a bill that would lift the cap on compensatory and punitive damages that women may be awarded in wage discrimination cases. [HR 1338, Vote #556, 7/31/08]
● Voted AGAINST a bill to protect the victims of wage discrimination. The bill amended the 1964 Civil Rights Act to allow employees to file charges of pay discrimination within 180 days of the last received paycheck affected by the alleged discriminatory decision. [HR 2831, Vote #768, 7/31/07]
● Voted AGAINST Increasing Funds To Prevent Sexual Assault In The Military [HR 4870, Vote #337, 6/20/14]
● Voted AGAINST Increasing Funds to combat domestic violence [HR 4660, Vote #268, 5/30/14]
● Voted AGAINST Increasing Funding For Violence Against Women Prevention Programs. [HR 5326, Vote #248, 5/10/12]
● Voted AGAINST a motion that would protect women from discrimination based on gender in their healthcare- including higher premiums for health care, loss of contraception, or loss of pregnancy care. [HR 3522, Vote #494, 9/11/14]
● Said YES in a survey to the question “Will you vote for a bill that requires abortion providers to ask women if they would like to receive an ultrasound before they receive an abortion?” [2015]